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Examinations are pivotal moments in every student’s academic journey, determining their progress and knowledge retention. Understanding the significance of timely and organized exams, universities have established specific protocols and guidelines to ensure a smooth examination process. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Date Sheet of Examinations, outlining the rules, procedures, and essential details that every student needs to know.

Creating Your Own Vulms DateSheet

Empowering students with autonomy, the university adopts a ‘first come first served’ basis for creating their Date Sheets. Through the Date Sheet interface, students can customize their exam schedules, ensuring they can appear for their examinations without any conflicts. However, it is important to note that while students have the freedom to create their Date Sheets, the university reserves the right to intervene and create the Date Sheet for any or all students if deemed necessary. This approach guarantees a fair and organized examination process for everyone involved.

Vulms Datesheet Instructions

1. Log in with your VULMS ID and Password: Access the exam registration portal using your VULMS ID and Password. For any password-related issues, contact us at

2. Choose Your Exam City (Optional) and Exam Center: If applicable, select your preferred Exam City. Then, choose your Exam Center from the options available to you. Please note that once you’ve made a selection, it cannot be changed, so choose wisely.

3. Select Exam Dates and Start Times: Pick suitable exam dates and start times for each of your courses. Once you’ve made your selections, click the “Confirm” button. Remember, the dates and sessions you select cannot be changed once confirmed.

4. Repeat for Remaining Courses: Follow the same process for all your remaining courses. Ensure you have selected the right dates and times for each subject. View your courses via vulms login below:

5. Generate Examination Password and Print your Examination Slip: After confirming your exam schedule, click the button at the bottom of the page to generate your Examination Password. This password is vital for your exam access. Also, don’t forget to print your Examination Slip, which you MUST keep with you for entry into the Examination Center on each exam date.

Important Note:

  • Exam Center Selection: Once chosen, your Exam Center cannot be altered, so choose carefully.
  • Contact for Queries: For any problems or queries related to the date sheet, please email us at

Understanding the Date Sheet Rules

The Date Sheet of Examinations serves as the roadmap for students, clearly outlining the commencement dates of Mid and End Semester Examinations. These dates are meticulously defined in the Academic Calendar of each semester, providing students with ample time to prepare for their assessments effectively. One of the key aspects of the Date Sheet rules is the accessibility of the Date Sheet interface on the Virtual University Learning Management System (VULMS). This interface becomes active 25-30 days before the start of Examinations, allowing students to plan their schedules efficiently.

Important Dates and Late Fee Schedule

To maintain discipline and punctuality, the university strictly adheres to specific timelines. Students are expected to create their date sheets within the stipulated time frame. Any delay beyond this period incurs a late fee, with the amount increasing for subsequent delays. The late fee structure is as follows:

  • Late fee @ Rs.500 /- (Local Student)/$ 20 (Overseas Student): Applicable after the initial deadline.
  • Double Late fee @ Rs.1000 /- (Local Student)/$ 25 (Overseas Student): Applicable for further delays.
  • Special Late fee @ Rs.2000 /- (Local Student)/$ 100 (Overseas Student): Applicable for prolonged delays.

Additional Guidelines and Requirements

In addition to the standard Date Sheet rules, there are certain specific guidelines that students must adhere to:

  1. NADRA COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate: For Spring 2023 Mid Term Examinations, students are required to have a partially or fully vaccinated status. It is mandatory to update vaccination status on VULMS. Exemptions are possible with a valid letter from a Government Hospital.
  2. Overseas Students: Students traveling between countries during exams must follow the university’s guidelines regarding study status changes. They should reschedule their exams, following the prescribed procedures and fees mentioned in the handbook.

For Examinations guide visit our Examinations section to get a complete guide for Local and Overseas Exams.

For any queries or concerns, students can contact the university via the provided telephone numbers or generate a ticket through the Support System on the official website.

Rescheduling of Unplanned/Missed Paper(s): Your Guide to Managing Unforeseen Circumstances

In the midst of the rigorous examination period, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes disrupt a student’s ability to appear for a scheduled exam. To address such situations, the university has established clear guidelines for the rescheduling of Unplanned/Missed or Unscheduled papers in the Date Sheet. Below are the essential rules and procedures that students need to be aware of:

Rules for Rescheduling Unplanned/Missed Paper(s)

  1. Rescheduling Request: If a student misses an exam due to unforeseen events, they can request the rescheduling of the Unplanned/Missed or Unscheduled paper(s) within the specified exam time period.
  2. One-time Opportunity: Students are provided with a single opportunity to reschedule the specific paper(s) they missed. This opportunity is invaluable and must be utilized judiciously.
  3. Prescribed Fee: To avail the rescheduling option, students are required to make a payment of the prescribed rescheduling fee. This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances, regardless of whether the student appears for the rescheduled paper(s) or not.
  4. Approval Process: All requests for rescheduling are subject to the approval of the Controller of Examinations. Students must await confirmation from the university before considering the rescheduled exam date.
  5. Exclusions: Attempted or blocked paper(s) cannot be rescheduled. It’s essential for students to recognize the difference between missed papers and attempted/blocked ones to adhere to the rescheduling guidelines accurately.
  6. Final Schedule: The schedule provided by the Controller of Examinations regarding paper rescheduling is definitive. Students must strictly adhere to the dates and times specified in the rescheduled exam timetable.
  7. Special Circumstances: In the unfortunate event of the death of a Direct Relative*, missed papers can be rescheduled without any additional cost. To qualify for this exception, students must submit the Death Certificate of the direct relative within seven days of the missed exam.

(* Direct Relative includes immediate family members such as son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, wife, and husband.)


Navigating unforeseen circumstances during exams can be challenging, but understanding the rescheduling process provides students with a clear path forward. By adhering to the outlined rules and procedures, students can effectively manage missed exams, ensuring that their academic progress remains uninterrupted even in the face of unexpected challenges.

In conclusion, understanding and adhering to the Date Sheet rules are crucial for a successful examination experience. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, students can ensure that they are well-prepared, organized, and ready to excel in their examinations.