Examinations for Overseas Students (OPKST): A Comprehensive Guide

VU Overseas Exams Guidelines For Examinations Overseas Students (OPKST)

Vu Overseas Exam: For our valued overseas students, we present a detailed guide to navigating the Overseas Examinations at VU. These guidelines ensure a smooth and efficient examination experience, no matter where you are in the world.

Here is the complete steps that will guide you the process of exam for Vu overseas students.

1. Datesheet Decoded

The cornerstone of any successful examination preparation is an accurate date-sheet. Overseas students can create their personalized date-sheet by navigating to VU Datesheet Portal. It’s crucial to note that the timings are set according to Pakistan Standard Time, so syncing your schedule is imperative for a smooth examination process.

2. Navigating Travel Protocols

For students traveling to Pakistan for exams, proactive communication with the examination department is vital. Notify the department at least one week before your departure via overseasexams@vu.edu.pk and conduct@vu.edu.pk. Remember, appearing online from Pakistan is not allowed, and physical presence at a local exam centre is mandatory. Failure to notify the Examination Department may lead to scheduling complications, so diligence is key.

3. Seamless Exam App Installation

a. Hardware Requirements

Ensuring a hassle-free installation begins with meeting specific hardware prerequisites:

  • Utilize a Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit) Laptop or PC.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection.
  • Set Windows default language to English (United States).
  • Uninstall any antivirus software that may hinder exam applications and external webcam access.

For MAC Users

MAC users can follow these instructions to dual boot with the official Windows OS. Third-party virtual machine software is strictly prohibited.

b. Software Essentials

Download and install the necessary software and exam application from this Google Drive link:

  • Exam App: VUTES Overseas 2.1 (updated)
  • Supporting Apps:
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x64) version 11.0.61030
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 – 2022
  • Remote Control Apps (For Invigilation):
  • External Webcam Setup:
    • Use Mobile as an external Webcam with IRIUN Application Download Link

4. Demo Test Run-through

To ensure a flawless installation, conduct a demo test using the following credentials:

  • Login ID: BC2304XXXXX (Your Student VU ID)
  • Password: BC2304XXXXX (Your Student VU ID)

Complete the demo test, ensuring all questions are readable and the external webcam is detected in VUTES. No invigilators are present during the demo, allowing you to focus solely on the test. Share your feedback at overseasexams@vu.edu.pk.

Note: The login ID and password on the datesheet are accessible only 15 minutes before the actual exam time.

Demo Test Schedule

Test your installation during the specified sessions (29 November 2023 to 09 December 2023) as per Pakistan Standard Time:

  • Session 1: 08:00 am
  • Session 2: 09:30 am
  • Session 3: 11:00 am
  • Session 4: 12:30 pm
  • Session 5: 02:30 pm
  • Session 6: 04:00 pm
  • Session 7: 05:30 pm
  • Session 8: 07:00 pm

5. Examination Day Etiquette

On the day of the examination, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Run the VUTES, Webcam App, and Remote Control applications.
  • Log in only 15 minutes before the actual paper time in VUTES using the provided ID and password.
  • Share Remote Control application ID and Password with the invigilator via VUTES chat box.
  • Follow the prescribed view instructions for the external webcam, ensuring proper placement and view.
  • Enable the system microphone.
  • After the invigilator’s system inspection, your attendance will be marked, and you can proceed with the paper.

6. Seeking Help at the Help Desk

In case of any exam-related issues, the help desk is available for assistance:

Vu Overseas Examination Rules:

The VU Overseas Exam are orchestrated to uphold the highest standards of integrity and fairness. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Exam Scheduling: Examinations for overseas students are scheduled according to Pakistan Standard Time (PST).
  2. Exam Environment: It’s your responsibility to create an environment that adheres to the University’s prescribed standards. This includes ensuring privacy, quietness, and no distractions.
  3. Continuous Monitoring: Each exam session is continuously monitored to maintain the sanctity of the process. Unmonitored sessions are considered null and void.
  4. Female Invigilation: Female students are invigilated by female invigilators only, to ensure comfort and compliance.

Prescribed Examination Environment:

In order to ensure a fair and standardized VU Overseas Exam process, certain rules are to be observed during your overseas exams:

  1. Individual Monitoring: An invigilator appointed by the Controller of Examinations will monitor and record each student individually. Unmonitored papers will not be accepted.
  2. Location Requirement: You must be physically abroad (outside Pakistan) to appear for the online exam.
  3. Workspace Configuration: Your workspace should include a standalone computer with an external webcam, wired keyboard, and mouse. Only an external webcam should be connected, and no other external devices.
  4. Secluded Workspace: No one should be present around your workspace during the exam session.
  5. Silent Examination: Reading the exam questions aloud is strictly prohibited.
  6. No Leaving Seats: You cannot leave your seat during the exam without permission from the Superintendent/Invigilator.

Additional Instructions:

To ensure the smooth execution of your overseas examinations, here are additional guidelines to follow:

  1. Exam Software: Overseas exams are conducted online using specialized exam software. Download the exam application from http://qb.vu.edu.pk and follow the step-by-step installation guide.
  2. Demo Test: Before the actual exam, attempt a Demo Test available around 10-12 days before the exam. Verify the software’s functionality.
  3. Technical Prerequisites: Make sure your laptop or desktop meets the technical requirements mentioned in the pre-requisites section.
  4. Remote Invigilation: A remote invigilator will guide you through the identification process and ensure compliance with rules.
  5. Blocking Reasons: Violation of exam rules may lead to immediate cancellation of the paper. Impersonation, unfair means, and misbehavior are strictly prohibited.
  6. Contact Information: In case of any issues during the exam, contact the invigilator through the Exam software chat or WhatsApp/call at +923000656908 or +9242111880880, ext.: 352. Skype address: “overseasexams.”

Prepare for success in your VU Overseas Examinations by familiarizing yourself with these guidelines. Your dedication combined with our well-structured approach will lead you to achievement, no matter the distance.

By following these guidelines, you’ll not only navigate online exams smoothly but also optimize your performance and maximize your chances of success. Remember, thorough preparation and a focused approach are the keys to conquering online exams.

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